Elder Network Receives National Recognition for Respite Program

Elder Network was honored to be recognized by the ARCH National Respite Network as an Innovative Provider of Respite Services. “Among the many strengths of your respite program is your inclusion of socially and cognitively stimulating activities for care recipients with memory loss,” states ARCH Director Jill Kagan. “Your willingness to adapt practices, and your intake process that looks for social connections and informal supports, exemplify person- and family-centered practice and seem especially appropriate for the rural population you serve.

The longevity of relations with volunteers speaks to the social warmth of your program. Your expressed value of intergenerational relationships in your organization is notable as are your goals of enriching the lives of care recipients while providing caregiver support. Your partnerships with local public health, veterans and other related programs should help sustain your most worthwhile work long into the future. It is our hope that Central Minnesota Elder Network, Respite Care Program will serve to inspire and inform the respite field and the public, and help to build and promote stronger respite opportunities

for caregivers across our network and nation. Thank you for your dedication in building an Innovative respite program and for sharing your expertise with ARCH so we may share it with others.”

Our Respite Coordinator, Pamela Kamholz, RN, and Elder Network Respite and Gathering volunteers are to be commended for their dedication and great care they show our Respite clients and care receivers. They help make Elder Network the outstanding organization it is, and we are very grateful to them.

For more information on the ARCH National Respite Network, see their website at www.archrespite.org.