Elder Network HeartPeer Companion Program: A Network of Seniors Helping Seniors

At Central Minnesota Elder Network, our Peer Companion Program is about effectively matching a volunteer with a senior who needs support and encouragement. The Peer Companion Program is available to seniors age fifty-five and older and provided by volunteers of the same age. Volunteers visit where ever the client calls home.

All volunteers receive training in communication and active listening skills, normal aging, dementia, grief, depression, death and dying and more.

Who Can Benefit from Our Peer Companion Program?

Our volunteers along with a Registered Nurse Program Coordinator provide support to seniors who are experiencing:

  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Receiving a life changing medical diagnosis
  • Memory challenges
  • Difficulty dealing with other life changes as moving from a long-time home or farm

The Peer Volunteer visits for approximately one hour once a week. Our goal is to provide companionship, support and friendship. Whether this is provided by conversation, reading, playing cards and/or games, listening to music, taking a walk or reminiscence, the Elder Network volunteer is ready and willing to help encourage social relationships for our aging community members.

We have found that seniors who need support and encouragement to face life's changes and challenges greatly benefit from our peer-to-peer program.

Please contact us for more information.